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  1. California RN License Verification

    I did! They say the mailed it Jan 12 and It finally arrived in Utah on Feb 2nd. Sooo it takes its sweet time!
  2. California RN License Verification

    I would also say you should probably contact the Washington board and ask for an extension. Utah let me extend mine another 30 days.
  3. California RN License Verification

    I would call the board ASAP. I mailed mine Nov. 2nd and it was marked as submitted on Nov. 20th. It wasn’t mailed until Jan 12th. It sounds like they’re saying they didn’t receive it until way later for you. for me, it still hasn’t arrived ...
  4. California RN License Verification

    OK friends, I need some help. After the California BRN stated they mailed your verification, how long did it take to arrive?
  5. UCSF New Grad Residency Program April 2021

    Does anyone know when they start contacting/ when we’re supposed to hear by?
  6. California RN License Verification

    OK, so they finally sent verification to my state board, but it still hasn’t arrived. Any ideas how long it takes to arrive in the mail? California says they mailed it on Jan 12th?
  7. California RN License Verification

    I sent my $100 on Nov 2, but they also don’t mark it as submitted until Nov. 20th. They do say they received it on the 12th, though, and it’s supposed to send today but still hasn’t! So it’s been... 10 weeks and 1 day since I sent it. I’ve been on ho...
  8. Still just submitted! It looks like they'll start letting us know application status the week of July 6th.
  9. 3.94 GPA, 1 year Pediatric Med-Surge experience as CNA, external applicant (from Utah). But I heard it’s a point system. Does anyone know how that works?
  10. Is anyone putting ------------------------- as the addressee in the cover letter? Or what are you going with?
  11. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    It’s that way on the postings for Stanford Children’s, and in a previous thread on allnurses, someone got an interview and then redacted their offer when they found out she had other experience. I don’t have the posting any more though, so maybe ask ...
  12. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    No, the posting says no previous paid RN experience.
  13. So hopefully it's opening up in May or June, hiring in July/August, starting in September?
  14. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    Has anyone gotten calls for interviews yet? I just had an application status change on the 13th, but nothing else so far.
  15. CA RN Residency

    I would also love to hear from nurses in the bay area on this ^^