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  1. I'm currently a 4th-year sociology major at an extremely competitive university. I knew that I wanted to pursue a BSN since my 2nd year of university but due to the difficulty of classes (my schools' STEM classes are extremely difficult) and a decline in my mental health, I decided that I might as well finish my BA in Sociology then go to a BSN program. But now I'm rethinking whether or not I should even finish my bachelor's before going to nursing school. After this year I will still have another year to go so essentially I will be a 5th year senior. I have about 46 credits left to take, none of them will be useful to nursing, they're all sociology courses. If I end up graduating and getting my bachelor's I will still need to go to a CC to finish prereqs (which will probably take another year) for nursing school then apply to a BSN program. If I'm being honest though I'm already burned out from school and I've been struggling with my mental health these past 4 years of college and I know that won't get better with me going to nursing school but I feel like I will prolong the process by finishing my BA first. I absolutely hate my life and what I'm even doing right now because all I have ever wanted was to work in the medical field and I'm technically not even working towards that right now. I'm thinking about getting my CNA during the Summer to begin working at a hospital part-time but I don't even know if that's a good idea. A part of me wants to finish my BA just because I worked my butt off to get into this university and I feel like it might be a waste if I don't graduate from here but another part of me thinks it might just be best to give up. I've also heard that getting a second degree may disqualify you for certain types of undergraduate financial aid so I am worried about that too. If I do end up getting my BA in Soc, I'm not sure if a second bachelor will even benefit me in any way. I'm really unsure of what next steps I should take.

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