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SeAreRN's Latest Activity

  1. SeAreRN

    Loma Linda Oct. 2020 New Grad

    My status was changed to "Application is Under Recruiter Review" today.
  2. CONGRATS! For which unit? According to the FB thread, you do get the call, even if a few days later
  3. SeAreRN

    Loma Linda Oct. 2020 New Grad

    Hi! I've been looking for the October cohort group, so thank you for making this! I applied to the ER and the MICU! Goodluck!
  4. ER calls went out on Thursday
  5. Alright y’all, I’m a very “need to know what’s happening” type of person, so I emailed the clinical coordinator who conducted first round interviews and she said calls will be rolling out within the next week.
  6. Not since June 15th
  7. Questions were not behavioral based and I didn’t until I was faced with the questions only because I wasn’t sure what to expect during the second round.
  8. I had my call back for day 2 interviews today. One for the ER and the other for medical ICU. They give you 2 questions to answer and you're on a conference call with a bunch of other people. Hope this helps! I received the email inviting me for day 2 around 7pm yesterday.
  9. They only asked me one out of the 5 that were sent in the email. Outside of that, it was all behavioral.
  10. If not 6, max 8. If you wanna count when they ask you you’re preferred units and shift 😊
  11. Has anyone who had an interview today gotten a call or email about moving on to the 45-minute interviews?
  12. It was about 20-25 minutes and all behavioral questions. Not too bad! 🙂
  13. I did
  14. SeAreRN

    Torrance Memorial RN New Grad Residency August 2020

    Has anyone heard from med surg ortho?
  15. Has anyone gotten the video interview for the OC locations? I got mine this morning but I'm a little nervous to submit it.
  16. Okay so I actually got ahold of the nurse recruiter and the whole “application sent to hiring manager” was a mistake on many people’s status because it wasn’t true. They barely caught it last week and that’s why it now says it is under recruiter review. I hope this helps.

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