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  1. purigorotta8

    LVN to RN?

    I've been applying for an associates degree in nursing (ADN) as well as accelerated BSN programs every year for the past 3 years in multiple community colleges and other institutions and the closest I got was a wait list for 1 community college which I didn't get a slot. I think there are many factors holding my application back from being competitive, my GPA is 3.1, some colleges only take the first TEAS score which I scored a 78 out of a 100, my sciences classes; anatomy, micro, physio I received an A, B, B, respectively. For those reasons I feel that my nursing application isn't as competitive. I really have my eyes set to become an RN/BSN. Would it be a good idea to become an LVN (vocational nurse) first and take the step-up course for RN? For most community colleges, the LVN program isn't point based like RN programs, it's a matter of first come first serve application. So, I feel like I wouldn't have an issues getting into an LVN program. Would it be a good idea to complete an LVN program at a community college followed by a step up to RN program? Has anybody been through this route?
  2. purigorotta8

    Respiratory therapy or Surgical tech

    Respiratory Therapist or Surgical Tech? Earlier this year I applied for 3 different programs at community colleges; nursing (ADN), surgical tech, and respiratory therapist. I wasn't given an invitation for ADN, but accepted into the ST and RT programs. So, what's your opinion on ST and RT, pros and cons, which has higher earning potential and which of the two program would you prefer and why? I have a gist of the answers but open to opinions. I live in Southern California. Thanks

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