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  1. Has anyone taken HIT-204 at SBCC?

    @Mergirlc I am taking this course right now and I am struggling with the quizzes ? Everything you mentioned about her class is true. I was wondering if you still have your notes or anything that can help me study for the quizzes?
  2. UCAN Spring 2021

    I submitted an application for UCAN ABSN Spring 2021 on NursingCas on June 9. Does anyone know if we have to send them our university transcripts?
  3. USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    Has anyone heard any news about getting off the waitlist? Also, does anyone know what day classes start in May? Or if there have been any changes due to COVID-19?
  4. USF ME-MSN Summer 2020

    Hello everyone, I am just joining in! I would like to congratulate the students who were accepted. Hopefully, I get to meet you all since I was waitlisted for this program. Does anyone know how many students they accept per cohort?

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