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mehjaf has 31 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. What are you doing at home?

    I was wondering what other people are doing also. My spouse has some risk factors so I worry about giving it to him. I am sometimes working with intubated Covid-19 patients and as I suction them, suction the mouth, even though I have a face shield ...
  2. "Warm Weather Will Slow the Virus" and Other Bad Advice

    I wore a simple mask to pick up my dog's meds from the vet. They brought the meds out to the car and the girl was wearing an N95 and a mask. I am not sure if that was just for me because they know I am a nurse and work with Covid-19 patients or if e...
  3. Social Distancing - A Touchy Subject

    I didn't realize how important touch was until now. I miss hugging friends and family. I never realized how often I came up behind a co-worker friend to ask a question or something and touched their back or shoulder. I did not realize how much my hu...