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  1. Hi all, First, thank you so much for everything you do. This virus is scary and has escalated quickly. I currently work at a non-profit (working from home), but may be laid off soon. I worked as an STNA for three years in a nursing home and have had multiple healthcare jobs since. My question is about the way I quit one of the neighbor hospitals in my city 2 1/2 years ago. I was working on a psychiatric unit, PRN as a tech (not as an STNA). It was a very toxic environment and I was planning to put in my two weeks soon anyways. I had another full time job and the schedules were released at different times. One evening I realized I had texts and voicemails saying I had failed to come into work. It was a genuine mistake and I communicated that I did not realize I was scheduled. I also said that due to family situations and stress, I did need to leave soon. I e-mailed the stand-in supervisor, but did not hear back from her. We had badges that scanned us into the unit; employees did not always turn in their badges (from what I remember) because they were electronically disengaged. Now I am strongly considering applying to one of the other main hospitals in my city, as a PCNA, not on a psychiatric unit, for the sake of this crisis. I acknowledge that way I quit was not ideal and I was being non-confrontational at the time. But this is not indicative of my character. If I apply for PCNA positions now, is it possible that will reflect poorly on me? I plan on communicating my actual STNA experience as well as my current experience with the non-profit. Should I simply not mention this work history on my resume? Thanks for any feedback.

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