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  1. Article Contest: How is the Covid 19 Affecting Your Life?

    Will it be a private message on my Allnurses account or will I get an email? I didn’t even know we could do messages on here. Just want to make sure I look in the right place!
  2. Article Contest: How is the Covid 19 Affecting Your Life?

    Holy cow! Thank you so much to everyone who read and could relate to my article! Stay safe and keep saving lives everyone!
  3. Article Contest: How is the Covid 19 Affecting Your Life?

    When/where will the winning articles be announced?
  4. CRNAs Staffing ICUs?

    That’s what’s happening at my hospital. A lot of the CRNA’s don’t have as much work available since the number of procedures has been cut so drastically. We’ve been crash-course re-orienting them to ICU and they’re working bedside on the critical COV...
  5. Am I overreacting?

    This. Right here. Whether or not you feel properly trained, if mgt/admin says "you're properly trained" and you make a big mistake, you're going to be the one held responsible, because that patient was assigned to you. I don't think you're overreacti...
  6. Key Drugs Join PPEs on List of Front-Line Shortages

    We really are running out of everything.
  7. Another Quitter

    I feel you on this. So much. And I empathize with you 100%. I do not think there is a "right" or "wrong" answer. As nurses, prioritization is at the center of our decision-making. We also got into this profession because we care...a lot..about everyo...
  8. Social Distancing - A Touchy Subject

    I feel the same way. I became more of a hugger after I had my son, but aside from him, I do fine without it. I’ve been responsible and staying home unless it’s a necessity anyway. Now I’m in quarantine though, And I’m so desperate for some actual fac...
  9. To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    You are right-on. That VERY accurately describes how I’m feeling. I’m still a baby nurse; I’m only 2 years in. I still had a lot of that new-nurse idealism. I wouldn’t call seasoned nurses who don’t feel that way cynical, just more aware. I expected ...
  10. To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    Oh I did. And my employer. I have a drive through test scheduled tomorrow morning, and I’m quarantined for the foreseeable future.
  11. Was Covid-19 Here Already?

    This is interesting. The intensivists have talked to us about this issue several times, and they think it’s been here since January or February. We had this influx of patients with all the symptoms, testing negative for everything else.
  12. To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    Update: I have had a cough for the last 4-6 weeks, but so has everyone around me, because it’s pollen season. I noticed last night, though, that the cough felt a little different. Tonight, I started feeling really bad really fast. Just checked my tem...
  13. To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    My Dream Job as a New ICU NurseI have always known that I was meant to be an ICU nurse. Call it intuition, divine planning, or blind ambition. Since I was a child, my dream was to heal the sick, to protect those too weak to protect themselves, and to...
  14. COVID-19 "Tylenol Test" T /F?

    I’m in ICU, and we are sent to take care of the critical COVID patients. The nurses and intensivists on my floor have had lengthy discussions almost every night about diagnose and treatment...and I have NEVER heard this. Tylenol doesn’t always knock ...
  15. What should hospitals do about PPE?

    I actually just got an updated e-mail about how we're going about providing PPE now. N95's, surgical masks, face shields, isolation gowns, and cleaning wipes, as they become/remain available, will be given out on a case by case, as-needed basis. Each...