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  1. wvnurse2020

    value out of range

    thanks for your help! I've had a dilute before and it just said "dilute" so this confused me. I drank about 3 bottles of water the whole day but nothing excessive and my urine actually seemed kind of light. any idea what brings up CRT or is it just dehydration?
  2. wvnurse2020

    value out of range

    any clue what this means on a test? is it too dilute?
  3. wvnurse2020

    Covid 19

    We have the same directors as Indiana and ours came back too!
  4. wvnurse2020

    Covid 19

    Any other programs suspend drug testing during the stay at home order? I'm in WV and we're on our 3rd week of suspended tests...
  5. wvnurse2020

    Florida IPN

    Hey guys, I'd really appreciate your help especially if you are an IPN member! I'm currently in a monitoring program in another state that is similar to Florida's program and wanted to get some input from members because I'm planning to move to FL-- how is it finding jobs in south florida/ ft lauderdale area? I would prefer a hospital job, but have been doing LTC/rehab for 2 years now trying to pass my contract time. Was wondering if broward health is against IPN nurses? thanks!

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