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CeejRN010617 has 14 years experience and specializes in CCU.

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  1. Facial coverings effective?

    Thank you! Why is this so hard to understand?
  2. Facial coverings effective?

    I can smell many things through my N95 with surgical mask over it when I am at work. What makes you think a smell is the same as a droplet? You can smell a baby's poop AND farts through diapers but, they still keep the poop and pee from going everywh...
  3. This is just like flu

  4. Do I take my dream job while pregnant during the pandemic?

    That actually is a really good point. And as far as your hospital goes, that's awful!! I would be very upset. Continue advocating for yourself, sounds like you have been. Good luck!
  5. Do I take my dream job while pregnant during the pandemic?

    Yes, take it!
  6. Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    I was told the same after potentially being exposed but, I now have to wear a surgical mask all the time (as long as we have them, I guess) and have to check my temp every day :-/ My patient was there for different reasons unrelated to Covid-19 for ...