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  1. paulapocket

    CSUF ABSN Fall 2020

    @xnallyx no problem! I'm sure there will be additional costs for the program like buying our scrubs and books, probably some kind of lab bag, stethoscope....I'm not sure what else. But I think it's DEFINITELY much more inexpensive than other schools because of their flat rate tuition compared to paying by the unit.
  2. paulapocket

    CSUF ABSN Fall 2020

    I think it's around $25,000 maybe? If you go to tuition and fees on the website, it will tell you what they charge. CSUF does a flat rate tuition, it's not per unit. So 7 units or less is considered part-time and 8 units + is considered full-time. It's the same for nursing students to my understanding. They have it broken down by undergraduate rates and post-bacc/graduate rates. We are considered post-bacc. I believe it's around $4,000/semester, but check it out! I hope that helps!
  3. paulapocket

    Concordia University Irvine ABSN Summer 2020

    Just got the email.
  4. paulapocket

    CSUF ABSN Fall 2020

    I spoke to someone at CSUF and she said once our background checks are cleared then she will send us an additional email regarding making deposits and officially accepting admission
  5. paulapocket

    CSUF ABSN Fall 2020

    Hi everyone! I just made an account so I could join in the conversation! I was also accepted for conditional admission! CONGRATS to everyone! I made a facebook page for all of us that got admitted. Just search for CSUF ABSN Fall 2020 Cohort and you will see it!! Woo hooo!!!

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