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    Rude doctors

    While most of the physicians we work with are good people, lets not pretend there aren't some who are abusive. Statistics show that there is a significantly higher incidence of ER physicians and surgeons being SOCIOPATHS when compared to the general population. It is therefore likely, that if you have been working ER or surgery units for several years, the chances are high that you have come across one of these mentally abnormal physicians. Working the ER setting I am currently dealing with a physician who lied to a patient and intentionally attempted to make me look like a narcotic thief before the patient and lied to her about me not reporting her concerns to him. He got caught recently lying and the patient who was a nurse unbeknownst to him called him out on several things he lied to her and her primary physician whom he phoned about. She reported him to the House Supervisor for lying on me her nurse, lying to her, lying to her primary care physician, overhearing him call her something inappropriate, and something rather serious which I can not comment on here among a host of other issues. He mistakenly assumed I was some sort of push over because I am polite and nice, but boy did he find out the hard way that I am the wrong nurse to try some manipulative, calculating, foul tactics out on. He was trying to intimidate me into never sending him EPIC messages but to tell him in person. He was upset that the messages I sent to him exposed his lying. He denied knowing certain things but forgot that EPIC recorded these messages as "Read" by him. I also verbalized this information to him in person which he easily denied but he forgot that he could not deny having read those EPIC messages. He yelled at me like I was a first grader before the patient and then proceeded to confront me outside the room, trying to intimidate me and strip me of my dignity. He was projecting falsehoods unto me. He was trying to twist things around on me. I stood there and waited for him to finish these useless strategies and tactics and then calmly stared into his dilated sociopathic pupils in silence for 5 longs seconds looking him straight in his eye balls and then calmly said, "you just repeated something that was untrue to the patient which you are well aware was untrue". His mask slipped and he became hostile in emotion, body language, and words. I said nothing, studied his face to let him know "your mask has slipped and I'm seeing the real you" non-verbally and then walked away. This happened close to change of shift so he stayed over trying to fix his slip up on the patient chart and I stayed over to MIDAS him. As I was leaving, he was also leaving so I sat back down for 12-15 minutes and discretely called for a safety escort to the parking lot where my car was closely parked to the physician parking section. My intuition told me this doctor is aggressive and the way he looked at me after the first confrontation gave me the impression he was going to try to confront me again. Sure enough, he was waiting in his car for 12-15 minutes for me to come out but when he saw me being escorted by the safety escorts to the parking lot, he sped off like a bat out of hell from the physician parking area. This is called harassment.

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