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    Southwestern College ADN Fall 2020

    I didn't know it was possible to retake classes that you've gotten a B in. I'll look into that. do you know if it will replace the grade, or be the average of the two?
  2. I always come on hear to read about other people’s stories about getting into nursing school, and I finally decided that I need to speak to you all about how anxious I am about my own fears of getting in myself. I’m about to receive my Bachelor’s in Public Health Degree. Let me tell you.. I fell into this degree because when transferring from community college, I was still so discouraged by my GPA in my pre-nursing core. I calculated it and I have a 3.27 in my pre-nursing core. I got all B’s in anatomy, physiology, chem, micro. I had so much in my plate during community that my focus wasn’t clear, and I wish I took them later in life to really put my all into those classes. My current school GPA at my school is a 3.61. Once I finish my final semester, with how my grades look right now, it would be a 3.73. My community college GPA is 3.2. My TEAS score is 82. I know, my grades and scores aren’t “bad”. But they’re not competitive. I have my CNA with 1 year experience. I don’t feel like what I currently have is enough for the schools in San Diego where I really want to apply to. I applied to San Marcos’ ABSN program for Fall 2020. I also applied to Southwestern’s ADN program. I don’t know what my other options are. I can’t retake my pre-nursing core classes because I never received lower than a C. I can retake my TEAS (except for SWC), but I don’t know where I can because of the COVID situation. I truly want to be a nurse. So. Freaking. Bad. I want to be there at the frontline fighting this current pandemic and provide care to everyone that needs it. I just don’t know how to get there.

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