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catherine19 has 4 years experience as a RN.

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  1. catherine19

    First Nursing Job Offer - Advice Please

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You don't need to work in a hospital to be a great nurse. Your focus is mental health, not med/surg. You are specialized. Now, I don't know what your plan is later on, but the current job offer will be perfect while in school.
  2. catherine19

    Getting Tested for Covid

    I work on a Postpartum floor where we do couplet care. I have a child who had a 103 degree temp Friday, and Saturday. On Thursday she didn't have diarrhea but 6+ dirty diapers, same for Friday. She also has congestion/ coughing now. My toddler had a temp of 99-99.5 for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with congestion, and very tired. I started feeling off Sunday, and woke up Monday with a sore throat/ nasal drainage. I thought maybe I just didn't feel great because the baby kept me up all Sunday night and I had to work on Monday morning. Well, I talked to my charge nurse and she didn't seem to think I needed to wear a mask or do anything. Fast forward to today (my next shift) and our manager is saying we need to call employee health if we have concerns. Well I called and told them about the situation and they believed it would be a good idea for me to get tested. Well I feel like a hypochondriac because my unit seems to be taking the whole covid 19 thing very lightly. I don't. We work with NICU mommas who go and see their critical babies!! I know I never had a fever, but apparently you can have this without a fever. I feel like I am going to be talked about at work, I guess I want to know what others would have done.

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