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  1. FutureNurseFNP

    SFSU ELMSN Program insight

    Hello I am trying to get information about schools that I want to apply in the fall for and I have heard little to nothing about the SFSU program. The cost really drew me to it and I eventually want to get my FNP after I get my masters in CNS. Can anyone tell me about the reputation it has and if you feel it is a good program? It would be helpful to know if they help with clinicals and if finding a job after isn't too difficult.
  2. FutureNurseFNP

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN FNP FALL 2020 Oakland

    Hey guys! I don't mean to be too forward but I wanted to know if I could ask some of you guys what your application stats were. I am curious to see what the range in GPAs, volunteer experience, etc that were accepted, waitlisted, etc. I would really appreciate it so it can better help me understand where I stand!

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