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  1. Hello! I am a new grad RN currently working on a pediatric med-surg floor. I started in October 2019 and have been on my own since December 2019. So far, the team working on my floor has been great, understanding and supportive, some of the patient loads I can handle and some are more challenging (to be expected) but something still feels off and I feel like I have not become comfortable yet compared to the other new grad nurses that started with me. Some days I feel like everything I do is wrong, I forget to chart something (even though I did it) and I am noticing it is negatively effecting my sleep and personal life by constantly feeling anxious and stressed. I always knew that I did not want to do bedside nursing forever and I eventually see myself as a public health nurse. So my question is how long should a new nurse stay at bedside before venturing off to a new non-bedside job? Thank you in advance for your responses

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