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    Failed Clinical Early - Need Advice!

    Hi all! I am a nursing student and I recently found out that I failed my final evaluation for clinical (med-surg unit). There's a theory portion for the class and I'm doing well in that class. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my clinical was suspended early (4 clinical days were left). Students were only able to complete 63% of practicum, and it is stated in our course outline that a student must complete at least 75% to pass. Long story short, I made a mistake and did not position my patient appropriately prior to feeding on the last day of clinical. I received a learning plan from my instructor which indicated what to do to improve, and that I would need to demonstrate my abilities during next clinical date. I studied and made sure I was prepared for the next clinical date, and then I found out clinical is suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. All students received an email stating we must complete a case study to ensure we pass. This did not make sense as the final evaluation (that students complete and instructors evaluate) was due last week so it would not include the case study. In addition, the email stated that those students who are on learning plans will receive an email from their instructor so that they can work on meeting learning needs on a case by case basis and ensure that students meet learning outcomes. I did NOT receive an email from my instructor. Rather, she emailed me and said I failed. A few minutes before that, she sent me an email and stated that I did not conduct a proper head-to-toe assessment and that I will be receiving another learning plan for that and that's also why I failed. However, on our weekly guidelines for clinical, it states the head to toe must be completed at the end of clinical. Also, we are still learning the assessments (in a co-requisite course). How did she expect me to complete a full head-to-toe assessment if I have not even learned the full assessment? And it has only been 3 weeks of clinical. She did not give a learning plan to the other students who stated that they did not conduct a full assessment when she asked them. I often found that she would single me out. In addition, I would have had four clinical days to improve. My instructor has not emailed me about working with me to ensure my learning needs are met. However, another student in my group has passed, but she missed two days of clinical, placing her below 50%. I asked my peers who were placed in other locations and they stated they did not have to do a complete head to toe either. Their instructor's passed them and those who had learning plans worked with their instructor over email to pass (those students are going to receive online virtual simulation to ensure they pass). I reported this to my year coordinator, but she did not seem to care as she completely ignored what was written in the email and sent a standard email back. She stated that I have failed so I must contact my academic advisor. It doesn't make sense to me because the year coordinator is the one who sent out the email stating the instructors must work with their students, as clinical was cut short this year and the students did not have a chance to demonstrate some abilities. I have informed my course instructor for the theory class and she stated she will be contacting me about this. I really do not want to fail practicum as I made one mistake and had four days initially to improve. I'm hoping my course instructor helps me because I believe what has happened is unfair. A few weeks ago, I was applying PPE. I had just put my mask on and my instructor had walked up to me and looked very annoyed. She pinched my nose/nose piece of the mask and stated "that's how you get Corona". My partner was beside me and also saw it. Is she allowed to do that? I'm not too sure what's going to happen but I really hope my course instructor helps me out. My clinical instructor is supposed to call me soon to discuss the failure (she has to call every student). From my understanding, everyone has passed their final evaluation, except for me. Even the students at other locations. I want to know what you guys think about this and if you have any advice on what to do! Would it be appropriate to mention all this on the call or would it be better to leave it to my course instructor? Thank you!

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