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LandDGeorge has 15 years experience and specializes in Labor and delivery.

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    OB department Covid concerns

    So I work in a rural hospital where we do 20ish deliveries a month on a mother baby unit. When we have no patients or low census our OB/nursery nurses are being repurposed to screen all patients, visitors and employees for covid at the only door open at the hospital, but then expected to immediately leave to care for a laboring Mom and her newborn. We have repeatedly expressed concerns of contamination and spreading illness to Moms and babies to management and administration with no success. At a loss because the answer is to be sent home and someone who is willing to do it will replace us. Wondering what other small hospitals are doing to protect the vulnerable, while able to 'justify' staffing in a low census. Trying to advocate for my patients, but also help out with this pandemic. Any advice is appreciated. What are your hospitals doing?

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