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  1. callmetallcake

    Summer 2020 ATL Residencies

    No not since they sent that survey to fill out... I was hoping to hear something this week...
  2. callmetallcake

    New Grad (May)... Can't Decide on Job Offers?

    Hey everyone! Okay, this is a long post... BUT. I'm a senior nursing student--I graduate in May (yes, I'm still graduating despite the COVID-19 situation)! I started applying to nurse residency programs in early Feb. I heard back from many! This past week I've had 3 second interviews with 3 different hospitals. I received 3 offers! The first one I turned down because they refused to tell me how much money they would pay me LOL and were just REALLY shady... So the other two hospitals are great. I'm learning towards Hospital A because of the location and pay , plus they seem to have a great nurse residency program... HOWEVER...I already know what nurse I want to be. I want to be an OB nurse. That is the only clinical rotation I felt comfortable, confident, and just in my element! Both hospitals that I received offers for are not OB positions and neither hospitals apparently have any positions left in OB.. I know OB is competitive and everything so I understand. Hospital A is a medical track residency, so I rotate amongst different med floors (renal, stroke, neuro, etc.), then I match at the end with the unit I liked, plus the managers that feel like I am a good fit (plus after the year residency- one year commitment to the hospital, but not necessarily that particular floor). Hospital B (the other offer) is a residency on an oncology floor, still med/surg but pays less and the location is less convenient (one year commitment to that unit). Like I said, I am leaning towards A definitely. BUT... here's the kicker. Before I received both offers (literally yesterday), I had a phone interview with a completely different hospital : Hospital C, and got a second in-person interview. Again--no OB positions... BUT the HR lady told me that they are keen on me meeting my goals if I get hired, and that if I didn't enjoy the floor I ended up on (the interview is for a stroke observation floor), then I could transfer to an open OB slot after 6 months (or any other floor that has openings.) The interview is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Here's the second kicker... I have to let Hospital A know of my decision to accept or decline by Tuesday at 5 pm. And Hospital B by next Friday. I just don't know what to do. I've talked to my husband and family and they all just say to follow my heart. I want to meet my goal as soon as possible but I know that as a new nurse, I shouldn't EXPECT to get an offer from Hospital C. Thoughts?? I want to be realistic obviously, but I don't want to be miserable for 2 years either. And I also don't want to be an a**hole and accept an offer then go back on it...I feel that's unprofessional. HELP ME!

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