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  1. Thenewnicunurse

    NICU Subspecialty Certifications

    I am on a certification grind (might as well since I have nothing better to do in quarantine)! Has anyone taken the subspecialty certifications (Neuro NIC and ELBW)? I know the results from those who took it last year have just recently come out. I was looking into the Neuro NICU Certification course by Synapse Care Solutions and the Golden Hour question book from the NCC. Do you think those are enough to pass the certifications?
  2. Thenewnicunurse

    Studying for RNC-NIC

    Thank you all so much for responding to this thread! I really wanted to self study so I think I will go ahead and grab the NICU Solutions book and supplement with the STABLE cardiac module. I will let you know how it goes!
  3. Thenewnicunurse

    Studying for RNC-NIC

    Hi all, I was interested in taking the RNC-NIC certification and was wondering if any of you used the NICU Solutions Review book to prep for the exam? Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend any of the review courses and would love to purchase the book and study at home. I read through the Merenstein & Gardner book for my CCRN and it was really dense (I cannot read through that again)
  4. Thenewnicunurse

    New subspecialty (ELBW and Neuro) NICU certifications?

    I wanted to follow up on this thread and see if you were planning on studying for these certifications or if you have, what study materials you used? I know some nurses on my unit just received their certifications and was interested in taking them myself!

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