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  1. FlorentineRN

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Completely agree. I’ve seen too many NPs choose friends to be their preceptors. I think a one year internship or residency should be required for entry to practice.
  2. FlorentineRN

    Breathless, Coughing and Run-down: What's Going On? | Case Study

    I’m leaning toward a respiratory infection given his respiratory rate and breath sounds. There is no consolidation which points away from pneumonia. Lesions in mouth and cachexia could be thrush and general immunocompromise May be anemia of chronic disease. Negative COVID test suggests that previous COVID infection may have caused long term pulmonary damage Differentials interstitial lung disease of unknown origin (COVID associated, asbestosis? Silicosis?) R/O TB though lack of cavitary lesions makes this unlikely Admit to inpatient care. Isolate on airborne precautions for now. Continuous O2 monitoring.
  3. FlorentineRN

    New Grad NP Working Alone

    NP education is a huge problem. Entry to a NP Program should be limited to RNs with previous clinical experience. No open book exams and choosing your own clinical preceptors. It may be too late though because a lot of people are upset about the end product of these schools. Should NP programs close? No, but entry requirements should be stringent. The education should involve enough clinical hours to make graduates able to succeed.
  4. FlorentineRN

    More than I wanted to know

    My time with my father is not tarnished. I am lucky to have him. We did an advanced directive and POA together after the events in the ED.
  5. FlorentineRN

    More than I wanted to know

    I had a freaky experience at a small rural ED a few years ago. I received a telephone call that my 80 year old father had fallen overboard, was injured and was being treated in a small rural ED. The location was about a 3 hour drive away. When I arrived, the waiting room was full of family and extended family. A cousin was a floor nurse at the hospital, but when she heard my Dad was in the ED she somehow became his ED nurse. So, it was a bit of a party scene when I arrived and no one seemed to be caring for my father. So I went in to my Dad’s room in the ED. He was alone, confused, but verbal and had a Bair Hugger on. He was on a heart monitor. He had closed head trauma and heavy bruising to the face, arms and chest. I could hear the large party of waiting room folks yukking it up even louder in the ED waiting room. I was curious about my father’s hypothermia and injuries. A paper medical chart was open near the bedside. I looked at it, but it was just a problem list that included “erectile dysfunction”. More than I wanted to know, but I had only myself to blame. After a few minutes, a new graduate RN came in and said my father was warm now and would therefore be going home. It seemed quite inappropriate to me. The new grad removed the leads for the heart monitor and pulled on my father’s injured arm to pull him out of bed. My Dad screamed in pain and fell backward lifeless onto the bed. I noticed he was not breathing. The new nurse determined he was pulseless and called the code. At some point after the code was called, my cousin ran in to the room and saw the chest compressions underway and the ED doc running the code. Her contribution to the situation was to say my father had no advanced directive and did I really want resuscitation efforts to continue. YES! Please continue. He was successfully resuscitated and transferred to a hospital with a trauma ward. He is fine, but I get so mad every time I think about the abject neglect he received during the family reunion in the waiting room. How does a nurse from the floor self-appoint herself as ED nurse for a family member? Who left his medical history at the bedside?
  6. FlorentineRN

    Failure. Disappointed. Embarrassed.

    Ppark Congratulations on achieving your goal. Your professional and academic success must feel really great to you. I am sorry that the negative comments you received years ago were so wounding to you and that you are still reacting to it. My advice to to survive as a new grad RN. It is a bit of a shocker to many. As to your previous experience on this site...let it go. Whatever happened, you turned it into a challenge for yourself. If you are looking for apologies from previous posters from years ago, that is the part to let go. Best wishes on your professional journey.
  7. I am sorry to hear about your injuries. You have to be careful with omitting a position from your resume. For example, to get a job at the VA you need to pass a FBI background investigation. Their applications require you to account for gaps in employment. For renewal of my nursing license, I am asked if I was fired by an employer. You haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t omit anything. Just make a truthful but brief response. I hope you heal very soon.
  8. FlorentineRN


    KAForeignRN, The part which annoys me is gaming the system. Your nursing experience had occurred so long ago, that you didn't qualify for a Texas license. That is a safety issue. You found a "loophole" and you are proud of it. Now you are looking for additional loopholes. This is unfortunate.