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FlorentineRN has 38 years experience and specializes in Public Health.

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  1. Yes, there should be several stockpile locations. Among the items stocked are N95 and ventilators. I guess I had assumed we had already deployed the stockpile and depleted the contents. It would be interesting to know the status of the stockpile.
  2. FlorentineRN

    Public Making Masks

    So the N95 or N100 masks are actually considered particulate respirators. all healthcare staff should have been fit tested already upon initial hire at your facility. This was primarily for tuberculosis protection at that time. Even though I think some respiratory protection is better than nothing, you need to be able to breathe. Some people can't wear the particulate respirators such as N95s because of respiratory disease or facial hair that prevents a good deal. Those folks are better off with a powered air purifying respirators which have a hood and a power pack. These are probably hard to come by. Make sure your N95 is a good fit. Be sure to bend the nose-piece to make a good deal. I believe COVID-19 is spread from respiratory droplets, but is also airborne. I am disappointed that the CDC backpedaled on requiring provision of respirators to employees caring for these patients. I think the lack of N95s caused CDC to recommend surgical masks as an acceptable alternative. a bad decision in my opinion. If you don't have particulate respirators, a t shirt mask is better than nothing, a cotton fabric mask is better. A surgical mask is even better and a respirator is best of all. However, you also need a face shield, preferably a full face shield. Safety goggles at a minimum.
  3. FlorentineRN

    Public Making Masks

    Well, I am an infection interventionist and I 1000% agree that you deserve medical-grade respirators such as PAPRs and participate respirators such as N95s. I understand. However if I have absolutely NOTHING, I will try unconventional methods over zero method.
  4. FlorentineRN

    Public Making Masks

    Some of these home made masks are looking promising. I found out online that furnace/HVAC filters come in various levels of filtration. The highest level, MERV13, will filter out some viruses. One furnace filter is enough to create 8 masks. I think a home mad e fabric mask which has a pocket for inserting the MERV 13 filters is a lot better than nothing. That said, healthcare providers deserve "real" N95 masks and respirators. I hope that happens soon. I have ordered some MERV 95 furnace filters and I will sew some masks. Might be nice to have in the car for use on social distancing grocery shopping trips.
  5. FlorentineRN

    Sleeping nurses

    Way back in the early 1980s when I was a new RN, it was somewhat encouraged to take a 30 minute nap when working nights. The cafeteria wasn't open and we were entitled to a 30 minute break. Another nurse would cover my patients for 30 minutes while I rested and I extended the same courtesy to her. It was such a busy unit that I only got a chance to nap a couple of times. It didn't work for me because I couldn't turn my mind off. If a nurse is entitled to leave the unit for 30 minutes then I really wouldn't have any investment in knowing if she was eating or napping as long as her patients were being covered during the break period.
  6. FlorentineRN

    I quit

    After 18 months you have sufficient experience to do all sorts of things. Just for keeping an income with the COVID-19 thing going on, you may want to revoke the resignation and offer to be involved in your hospital's response to the public health emergency. That will look generous and you will see a new area in nursing. Just a thought.
  7. FlorentineRN


    If I am reading this correctly, you did not qualify for a position in your state of residence (Texas) because you did not have sufficient work experience. So you applied for a single state license in Florida. You have also not appreciated the guidance you have received here. The honest guidance is: do not pull any funny stuff with State Boards of Nursing. They will always catch up with you eventually. If a State Board of Nursing believes deception or fraud has occurred, you can have discipline taken against your licence. Any state disciplinary action follows you nationally. Tread carefully.

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