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  1. 1 month into Residency and I want to Run!

    Hi I'm a new grad too and I'm in the same boat as you! Everything is so fast paced and I struggle to keep up with everything...I'm slow as well because I want to stay safe especially when it comes to the meds! I feel like theres no time to reall...
  2. Can I still be a great nurse without prior CNA experience?

    No I absolutely agree with you! I wish I worked as a CNA for the reasons you mentioned, but unfortunately I never have. Which is why I was wondering if I can still be a nurse without CNA experience. I’ve gotten told by several people that I would mak...
  3. Can I still be a great nurse without prior CNA experience?

    Thank you for you response, yes I always ask questions! I know I have so much to learn and will always get help from my preceptor if I’m not sure about something. Whats funny is that sometimes the patients themselves will guide me (especially if they...
  4. I'm a new grad RN who started on a Tele unit this week. It's been quite a struggle since I'm still getting used to everything but thankfully everyone has been helpful and supportive. I do have a concern though, so I always hear "former CNAs make the ...
  5. NCLEX anxiety

    I finally took the test and passed in 75 questions on my first try, thank you for the encouragement! ☺️
  6. Bad Pop Up - NCLEX

    When you did the PVT? Did you do it right after the test? Because if so it MIGHT not be as accurate. You should give it a couple hours before trying it. I also believe that doing the PVT isn’t always the best idea especially if you’re prone...
  7. Low UWorld Self Assessment Scores

    Hi! I took the first self assessment today and got “borderline”. I was also super bummed about it. I think the biggest thing with UWorld is their rationales though. After the test I would review it and read the rationale on why the ans...
  8. NCLEX anxiety

    Hi all, I just graduated Nursing School in June 2021 with my ADN and I'm scheduled to test 3 weeks from now (August 10th). I've been studying using a couple resources like UWorld, Kaplan, and the Mark K lectures! My scores on UWorld are us...