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  1. Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    ML1376, I understand how you feel. Initially I took unofficial unpaid leave because it was too hard for me to just leave. Shortly after I send my resignation notice without working two weeks. I know the situation with PPE was only getting worse at my...
  2. I am in the same boat here. Realistically speaking the majority of jobs in healthcare will always involve exposure to COVID patients in the future. Bedside nursing is the most intense in terms of exposure. Having preexisting condition I don't know wh...
  3. Nurse SMS, Thank you for your kind and wise words. We have to support each other no matter how we express themselves and deal with this situation. I left my job due to lack of PPE, but I am regrouping and buying my own PPE and hoping to return to bed...
  4. Theoneandonly, Thank you for sharing this information. I think you just tried to warn people with preexisting conditions. I left my job without finishing up 2 week notice. I couldn't stand the cavalier attitude of my coworkers. Nurses from COVID unit...
  5. COVID-19 NJ/NY State of Affairs and Future Predictions

    Theoneandonly, Thank you sharing your experience with us. I know a lot of nurse wonder what is really happening in these hot spots because situation is not overly crazy yet in some states. I totally agree with you with the grim predictions about the ...
  6. Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    NurseBlaq, Thank you for your words.
  7. Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    Very good point about military and nurses!
  8. Time off of work if high risk-FMLA, PTO, etc.?

    Good idea. Thank you!
  9. Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    Hello, I understand your feelings. I had chemotherapy 2 years ago. I don't believe my immune system will sustain constant onslaught of the viral exposure working without proper PPEs. I am turning my 2 week notice in. I can afford to be out of work...
  10. Time off of work if high risk-FMLA, PTO, etc.?

    Does anybody know what qualifies you for FMLA ? I had a chemotherapy 2 years ago but stable currently. Will call my oncologist tomorrow to find out about it but he is not a compassionate kind and probably will deny any assistance for me to go on FMLA...
  11. Considering Quitting my Job

    Thank you for your response. I don't think it is going to work because we are in a crisis situation and CDC released this bandanas/scarves guidelines...
  12. Considering Quitting my Job

    Thank you, guys. I still don't know what to do. Older mom here with young kids and immunocompromised health. In a few months it will be either apocalyptic situation here or the government gets things under certain control, producing PPE for healthcar...
  13. Considering Quitting my Job

    I am thinking how to word the reason for leaving.
  14. Considering Quitting my Job

    I just read new updates on our PPE policy - no N95 masks for taking care of covid patients except for certain procedures. Last time I worked we were still allowed to wear N95 (one per shift). I am turning my 2 week notice in... Do you think there wil...
  15. Coronavirus and Pay

    Thank you. I tried to discuss with coworkers about our pay if we get sick, lack of PPE, etc. It was not received well, I was told it is a part of the job and I knew what I was getting into when choosing nursing. I see a lot of cavalier attitudes am...