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  1. Bobognnp

    Is 2 years of prerequisites worth it?

    Usually it doesn’t take two years for pre reqs at a ADN. Cuz that’s how long it would take you to complete the nursing degree. But they still make you take those pre reqs before you can apply or get into the program.
  2. Bobognnp

    Is 2 years of prerequisites worth it?

    If you’re a junior in high school and don’t want it to take as long you can go to your local community college and register for a few of those pre reqs and get it out the way. This is what I did during my junior year of high school. It allowed me to graduate with my first degree in biology in three years instead of four. And that way you can save money my taking the classes at your CC and transferring the credits in to your nursing program.
  3. Bobognnp

    Is 2 years of prerequisites worth it?

    If you get a bachelors in nursing usually you’ll have two years of pre reqs and two years of actual nursing classes.
  4. https://www.carevoyance.com/blog/healthcare-wait-times-by-country thats actual data on wait times depending on country. A lot of the research I’ve done seems to claim the same. So I’m not too sure if universal healthcare causes longer wait times. And even the difference between Canada and U.S was only an 8% difference. But at least in Canada everyone has the healthcare they need.
  5. I feel like if the majority of other first world countries can run their healthcare on taxes and ensure healthcare for everyone then why can’t America? Aren’t we supposed to be the greatest? Not only do they do that but people there pay less for healthcare overall and they have a longer life expectancy. I mean we pay the highest for healthcare yet we have shorter life expectancy and worse healthcare outcomes. I don’t know something just isn’t adding up.
  6. Hello DirtyVa, First of all, I truly say this with all the respect and courtesy as I can from one human to another. I didn’t attack anyone as I specifically made a point to be polite I even wished him a good day at the end of my message. I know it’s hard to tell tone or connotation over a message board. I wasn’t being sarcastic at all. I was being sincere. Being ignorant is a choice and that’s okay because like I said we all have free will. Ignorance isn’t an insult it simply means lack of knowledge it doesn’t mean stupid. No one expects you to have knowledge of the minority experience if your not a minority. So therefore you are ignorant, defined specifically in this case as a lack of knowledge of the “minority experience” in America’s capitalistic healthcare system. So that’s why it’s ignorant to claim that this experience is unfounded or to deny them. That’s true ignorance especially when you can never be in that position. Secondly like I said it’s not my job to educate or change anyone’s opinion. That’s your job, to educate yourself. And it’s your choice to choose to either remain or not to remain ignorant. The great thing about the age we live in is we have a multitude of information at our fingertips. Look up systemic racism in healthcare you’ll find many infographs, statistics, scientific journals, peer reviewed papers, books and other informational resources.
  7. Your privilege is speaking VOLUMES. Open your eyes you see all the protesting happening right? This country is being turned upside down. It’s systemic racism. People aren’t out there risking their lives for nothing. It’s not my job to explain or convince you of anything. Your allowed to walk around in your ignorance if you please it’s a free world and all of us have free will. Truly, have a good day!
  8. Bobognnp

    Should I take this $1,000 CNA training class?

    You should see if your state allows you to take the CNA exam if you have a certain amount of experience in nursing school and have taken the right classes already. I know my state says nursing students can sit for the CNA exam as long as they have taken certain classes that I suspect I’ll have taken by my 4th semester. Also I think a lot of hospitals would give you on the job training for CNA if you tell them that your a nursing student as well!
  9. Bobognnp

    Traditional vs. ABSN

    Hello everyone! I thought I would post about my situation on here in case anyone had any advice. I plan on starting nursing school in the upcoming fall semester. I already received admission into an ABSN program (which wasn't my first choice). My first choice school put me on a waitlist for their ABSN but later sent me an email saying that they aren't sure whether they'll be able to give me a spot in the ABSN so I can either remain on the waitlist or I could take a spot in their traditional program. They said that because I already completed my bachelors degree in biology ( go 2020 grads!!) they believe it would take 5 semesters instead of the original 4 with the ABSN. It also would take longer because unlike ABSN students who take classes in the Summer traditional students don't. If I go with the ABSN I expect my graduation date would be Fall 2021 and I'll graduate at 22. If I go with the traditional I expect with the extra semester and the breaks in the Summer I'll graduate in fall 2022 and be 23 years old. It's my first choice and I want to go there so bad because I really like the area and my boyfriend lives around there as well. I believe the traditional program would be cheaper as well even with the extra semester when compared to the ABSN I got into. But if I go with the ABSN I could graduate a whole year earlier and get into the workforce quicker. What do you all think?
  10. Hey did you end up making it off the waitlist?
  11. Hey guys! I thought I would create a thread for those that have been accepted into the Fall 2020 cohort at Xavier University in Ohio! I think I will be attending, if I don’t get picked from the waitlist at my first choice school. Has anyone previously been in the ABSN? Any insight would be appreciated!
  12. Bobognnp

    Is it safe to be a nursing student right now?

    I feel like some people aren’t as understanding why it’s a cause for concern. I plan on starting an ABSN in the upcoming fall semester. I get the concern and I’ve been thinking about it for a couple months now but I think I’m personally not going to let COVID stop me. This is what I’ve been telling myself. 1) Hopefully schools wouldn’t ask students to come into clinical without adequate PPE to protect students and staff. They wouldn’t because that’s a liability and a lawsuit waiting to happen. 2) I’m gonna make sure my equipment and my clinical bag and my phone are disinfected before I leave the hospital, as well as make sure I’m washing my scrubs often and keeping them away from others in my house. 3) HAND HYGIENE! I’ve always been pretty good about washing my hands properly/often before all this, but this pandemic is making it all the more important. So you damn sure when I get into clinical I’m remembering hand hygiene! I feel like if we’re careful and follow procedures and guidelines put into place to protect us we should be okay!
  13. I haven’t heard back from some programs. I’m hoping that they’ll be accepting new student in the Fall because I’ll go depending. I applied to some schools in cities and I’m thinking it may not be that much better or safer by fall so I may defer enrollment. But some schools I applied were in more rural areas so it may be better.
  14. Bobognnp

    Biology Degree then Nursing

    I just graduated with a degree in Biology on deans list this Spring semester. I wanted to be a nurse earlier in my undergrad years. I also explored different paths such as Medical Technologist, Dental Hygienist, Respiratory therapist, Audiologist ect. Although now that I have graduated and with the circumstances of the COVID pandemic I am motivated to do nursing and have applied for some ABSN programs. I wanted to know if a previous Biology degree would help with nursing curriculum. Also what can expect from the new aspect of clinical?

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