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  1. Hello all, So, I have applied to a few residencies and have been offered 2 positions. One is for acute burn unit and the second is for acute float pool at a smaller branch hospital. I also have 2 other interviews for ED/ critical care. Since the beginning of nursing school, I have been told that I will do well in a fast-paced environment such as ED since I have years of experience working with patients. However, I had a minor setback that caused me to repeat a course and has delayed my graduation date. Now I find myself doubting myself. I don't want to sell myself short due to my insecurities but I also want to be employed at a facility where I will be given the proper guidance and training. any suggestions on what unit to take? The burn unit deals with pediatric patients as well as adults, but I am just afraid that I may not be given the proper exposure to patients since I do eventually want to go through the critical care route.

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