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Lilynelo has 9 years experience and specializes in Med surg.

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    They didn’t know I was pregnant when they hired me. On my 2nd day, my preceptor gave me all her 6 patients, I told her it might slow us down since I’m not yet used to the computer system. I started with 3 and later took all d 6. That was his complaint, that I was supposed to have all the 6 on my 2nd day. I was always on time to work and finished on time so I’m still speechless as to why I will be laid off just like that.
  2. Lilynelo

    Govt clinic jobs

    Is this still available please?
  3. Lilynelo


    I’m new on this page. I started a new job Feb 17 2020. Had 1 week orientation off the floor. Came to the floor the following week and started my orientation which was meant to last for 6 days, been that I am experienced. 4 days into my orientation, the manger called and handed me a paper of some areas I wasn’t meeting their expectations which my preceptor told him. I told him I would work on it. 2 days later after I have completed my orientation, I came in having in mind that I will work on my own, only for the manager to call me to his office and said I was fired. That I wasn’t meeting up to the criteria. All along, my preceptor never told me of my mistake. I have 8 years of experience and this is not my first hospital job. I feel I was discriminated. Also, could it be because I’m pregnant and will be due in 4 months?

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