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    Hey everyone! So I just recently took my NCLEX PN and I feel like I failed! I went all the way to 205 and I tried the PVT and it gave me the bad popup. I used UWorld and The Saunders book. If I did, does anyone have any tips on how I could better study for my second try? I would appreciate any words of wisdom right now! I feel like a failure
  2. curlyheadnurse

    PVT bad pop up

    Just took my NCLEX today (3/13/2020) at 8am. My gosh it was so difficult for me. I went all the way up to 205 questions and left the room feeling terrible. I tried that PVT and got the bad pop up. I'm trying to stay positive after reading so many posts that PVT 'bad popups' are not 100% legit and there is a chance that I could've still passed, but it is so hard!

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