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boop the snoot has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NICU, peds.

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  1. Leaving the hospital after 9 months

    I’m in the same boat! Just hit 9 months as a new grad on my dream floor on a level III NICU. Hate nights, hate the high stress of I npatient, hate what nights does to my life outside of work. Babies are okay, I don’t love them as much as I thought I ...
  2. New Grad NICU!

    I'm a new grad starting in a level IIIb NICU on Monday! paperwork and formalities this first week but I am soooo excited!!
  3. Interview

    literally this is exactly me. My first interview was this week too, at a prestigious hospital on my dream unit, NICU. I got a tour, felt like I interviewed well, and sent a thank you email. soooo anxious to find out! please update with your results!
  4. Interview Follow Up

    did you find out?? I'm in your EXACT same position as of Wednesday! hope you got the job!