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  1. Hello, I been searching online to know if the BON blue card expires? I received my blue card back in 2017 to enter the nursing program. I am applying for Licensure and I was wondering since I already have my background check in file, do I need to do another one again? My issue is that over a year ago, I had a verbal altercation with somebody, it did not get physical but there was $200 worth of material damage. Anyhow the court keeps resetting the case because they got more important cases going on so the lawyer said. It has been more than a year and it is open still. When I go online for the licensure link, the 2nd question reads *Are you currently the target or subject of a grand jury or governmental agency investigation? Since my case is still open, do this question needs to be answered with Yes? I am really stress because I feel like I just let all my hard work in school go to the trash due to me being stupid upset when I had the choice to just walk away from it.
  2. canelavos

    LVN not wanted

    If it is toxic enough for you to feel like you are unwanted, I would probably start looking somewhere else. It has been 2 months already.. I would've expected the attitudes to last for a week or 2 but it has been 2 months already. I had to do community clinical for the LVN program and I was sent to a clinic that is run by MAs. Basically the rudest clinical experience I ever had, they told "LVNs dont do nothing here, we do everything, I dont know what they do" but they got mad when I tried to explain to them a patient with A-Fib is not going to have an accurate heart rate through a pulse meter. Anyhow take care of your license and do what is best for your sanity.
  3. canelavos

    Austin Community College LVN Spring 2020

    Hey I hope you are hanging in there strong in level 1... I am in level 2 at acc …. I just found out about the extended break and wonder how is it going to affect the LVN program ….. I am shock that has come to this decision

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