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calemt specializes in pre-hospital.

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  1. calemt

    Sarasota vs Orlando?

    Hey SJaae, I am looking into SRQ also πŸ™‚
  2. Hi RN Tiggergirl. Are you still with Manatee? I am looking for a new grad ER position in 10 months πŸ™‚Β Thanks

  3. Hey πŸ™‚ I was looking into the Bradenton Sarasota area. I also looked at Northside just because they go through the ENA 2.0 curriculum. πŸ™‚ any thoughts here? Thanks.
  4. calemt

    Florida IPN disaster

    glad you found some health, sobriety is more important than any of it.
  5. calemt


    Not sure what type of hospital you are looking for but check out Manatee Memorial.
  6. Hey you nurses out there. I am a student nurse with 11 months to graduate. I was just offered an opportunity to gain ER experience as a nurse "intern". I was upfront with them about possibly moving to another state upon graduation. They wanted to con...
  7. calemt

    Sarasota vs Orlando?

    Depends. Orlando is a major city in the center of the state. Sarasota is a city but smaller, more laid back, by the beach. More trauma, etc in Orlando, more friendly in SRQ, but live in Bradenton πŸ˜‰
  8. calemt

    Manatee Memorial Hospital

    DAVES, would you recommend it a safe option for new grad residency as in I will get a good education at MMH? Thanks