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Bernienurse has 24 years experience.

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  1. Hello everyone, does anyone know if there will be job fairs in New Orleans for nurses in the next couple of month, or has everything been cancelled do to the outbreak? I was planning on moving to New Orleans in June/July. Any suggestions?
  2. Bernienurse

    Planning on moving to New Orleans

    Thank you, your info was helpful, I'm not looking for bedside nursing, I have done that for so many years and I need a change. Thank you again for your information.
  3. Bernienurse

    Planning on moving to New Orleans

    Thank you, I’m currently enrolled in the MSN with emphasis in Public Health, and I would like to work in this field.
  4. Bernienurse

    Planning on moving to New Orleans

    Hello everyone, I’m planning to move to New Orleans this Summer, does any one know how long the license process is? And do I have to be a resident of New Orleans, before they look at my job applications? Also what are the best places to work at, I have been a nurse for 20 years. I’m currently living in Vancouver, WA. Thank you.

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