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  1. Hello. I have already finished 2,5 years of studies in Dentistry in my home-country. However, I crave to pursue the Nursing programme in Canada, but I do not know how I can explain the sudden change of my study filed to the Canadian visa officer. Do you have any experience pertained to that? I will be more than grateful for any help.
  2. Hello. I am a foreigner. Originally I wanted to apply for Bachelors in Biological Science in order to work for one year and get a PR. This was a preliminary for applying to dental schools because the tuition for foreigners is rather draconian. However, after familiarizing myself with the current labor market, I understood that I won't be able to find a job just with a Bachelors degree. So I laid my eye on nursing. Is there any probability of success? How hard is it to gain necessary science prerequisites while studying nursing or after graduating in order to matriculate in dental schools? I will be more than grateful for any help. Sorry for the superfluous verbiage.

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