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    ICU vs ER experience for employment at a Cath Lab

    Thank you all for the comments! Cath lab is still the main goal for me, and I appreciate all of the advice!
  2. I am a nursing student and I am about to graduate with my BSN. I took a cardiac cath lab specialty rotation last semester and have been in love ever since. My mind could definitely change when I actually get into my career, but as of right now, the cath lab is where my mind is set. So, I would really appreciate any advice from current nurses that work or have worked in a cath lab! 1.) Be brutally honest, what are the best and worst parts of the specialty when compared to other areas. 2.) I understand that many cath labs require ICU or ER experience prior to going in. Of the two, which would be the better option for pre-cath lab experience? I've heard ER more, but I've also seen very successful cath lab nurses that came from an ICU. Other than that, any other advice or tips would be appreciated!

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