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  1. Creighton ABSN Fall 2020 (Phoenix)

    Oh that’s so soon! Thank you! It’s nice to hear other people’s perspectives rather than just what you read online!
  2. Creighton ABSN Fall 2020 (Phoenix)

    I’m so glad to hear that you had such a good experience there! I’m also having a hard time justifying Creighton’s tuition because it’s so much higher than most of the schools I’ve looked at. Would you mind letting me know how you feel after you visit...
  3. Creighton ABSN Fall 2020 (Phoenix)

    Hi there! I got my acceptance into Baldwin Wallace this week and I am also waiting to hear back from Creighton! I applied for Phoenix too but I’m also struggling on what program is better. I’ve only heard good things from Creighton but don’t know to...