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  1. Ontario BScN Accelerated Program Fall 2022

    Hi Everyone! I'm a current Nipissing SPP student going into my last semester. I remember how helpful these boards were when I was deciding and looking for info about SPP. If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to help answer 🙂. Feel fr...
  2. Hi Everyone, I just was assigned my clinical that will start in a few weeks. I was assigned occupational health at a major hospital. I've searched on our hospital and school website, but I haven't found much regarding clinical placements. ...
  3. Nipissing SPP 2020 Applicants

    Hi Everyone, I also received an acceptance! Congratulations everyone on their acceptances! Fingers crossed for those on the waiting list! @Nurse.I thanks for making the FB group! Definitely going to go and join. Looking forward to meeting all of...
  4. Nipissing SPP 2020 Applicants

    hi everyone ! when you replied to the email interview invite, did you receive a confirmation back ? just wondering if I missed something. thanks !
  5. Nipissing SPP 2020 Applicants

    Hi Everyone, So happy I found these forums. I have my interview on March 23 also. First choice was Sick Kids. ?