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  1. plantgirl123

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows if you have to have no RN experience for this program? Or is it less than 6 months or something like some hospitals? I don't see any information on this on their website
  2. plantgirl123

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    for anyone who has gotten offers, what unit is it on? also, does anyone know the pay rate for new grads at COH? including differential? how does it compare to other hospitals nearby?
  3. plantgirl123

    CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2020 Cohort

    CONGRATS on the interview! Can I ask where you did your practicum/other things you think made you stand out?
  4. Where is everyone applying?!?! Also is anyone else applying to acute care float?
  5. plantgirl123

    CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2020 Cohort

    Hello all! Quick question for those who applied to the ED - where did you do your practicums/preceptorship? Did you have relevant ED experience? I haven't had any ED experience apart from shadowing so I'm worried BUT they said to apply to the unit you are most want to work on, so I did... Also, are most of you bilingual in Spanish? I am not and worried that will hurt my chances also..
  6. Has anyone heard when Stanford Children's nurse residency application will be available for cohort starting fall 2020? And any idea which units will/won't be hiring?
  7. plantgirl123

    UCSF New Grad Nurse Residency Fall 2020

    Has anyone heard anything about when the applications will be out for UCSF's new grad nurse residency for Fall 2020? Do the applications for the children's hospital and main adult hospital come out at the same time? Does anyone know which units will or won't be hiring? Is there a limit to how many units we can apply to? Does it look bad if we apply to multiple units?