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  1. Thankyou everyone. I really appreciate it.
  2. My dad that just passed away 1 month ago had respiratory problem and coughing everyday for about 2 years. His oxygen was almost always good along with his blood sugar check daily. BP is pretty stable. Recently about 8 months ago he had been coughing up small amount of blood in mucous at times. Then gradually small droplets of blood found on the floor. Xray scan were normal. Pulmonary doctor was not that concernand only prescribe regular med. 22 days before he passed away, I took him to the ER to get check up because more blood was coming out. CT scan, xray, lab was nothing special. They wanted to admit him for monitor for possible TB. He left AMA in the ER because he doesnt want to be isolated for possible TB again. They also told me that he was supposed to see an infectious disease doc a year ago after discharge. When he was discharged a year ago, no one told us that or wrote it down? Last month he was unconcious on the floor pulseless. Mom called 911 right away. CPR was not effective. Autopsy shown cause of death "severe coronary artery disease" secondary to "cardiomegaly" with onset of symptoms "years" HOW???? The whole time he was having lung problem. There was no DX of any heart condition. What happen to the recent xray did they not see that his heart was larger than normal? I am still puzzled. I just need closure. My family already accepted it but his cause of death has always been on my mind ever day. I was thinking of calling the hospital for explanation but how go about from there? -I'm a new LVN.
  3. I'm part time nurse at new facility. Been there for few months but only work there about 4 times a month. So we have 4 cart. I counted with previous shift and she takes off after everything was OK. Then on my shift someone no show. So my shift nurse have to share cart because we are short staff. 2 other nurse shared my cart. I'm also using their cart. At the end of the shift next shift comes in and we were missing 1 pill from MY cart. While others cart was OK. 1 nurse of the 2 that I shared cart with was asking if I was checking the narc count sheet paper and the actual sheet when I was counting with previous nurse. This is LTC bytheway. I said no, normally I go with the number that is called out during counting. She kept on telling me I should always double check. Which is true but in reality not many nurse does that. Any thoughts? I have no idea where that pill went. If I steal why would I steal on my cart when I could have taken from other 2 nurses cart. In the end supervisor signed off for it that she gave which she clearly did not to make count sheet even. I feel like I'm the scapegoat.

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