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  1. CajunRNstudent

    Would you do ADN or LPN then LPN Bridge?

    Mom, wife, and working full time. My question I'm unsure if I should just do the straight ADN program? Are do the LPN then LPN to RN bridge evening/night? The CC near me only do the evening/night for LPN or LPN Bridge. I would like to just get it done in 2 years for the ADN program. But I could do the LPN evening and night shift then LPN Bridge evening/night. I've completed all my Pre-req's now its deciding which program to apply?
  2. CajunRNstudent

    Hinds CC ADN Fall 2020

    Anyone applied for the Fall 2020 ADN Program at Hinds? Did you complete all of your prereq, ACT Composite? How long will it take to hear back after the 15?

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