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    First Job Hunt Assistance

    I had a job interview a little over a month ago at my dream facility/unit. Interview went great and I followed up two weeks later just to see if a decision had been made which it had not. Another two weeks go by and I check up again, but this time the nurse manager tells me that HR is supposed to contact me with an offer. It's almost two weeks since that email and I haven't heard from HR. However, HR is working from home due to the coronavirus. The nurse manager responds to my emails within 15 minutes and seems very interested. I also had another interview at the same hospital and two days post interview the nurse recruiter contacted me with an offer. I told them I needed some time to talk things over with my family. Should I count the first interview out? Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Emma12546


    Hi, everyone! I recently had an interview for a position I've dreamed about in a very prestigious hospital. I graduate in May and this was my first nursing interview. I believe it went well however its been a week and I haven't heard anything. I was taken on a tour of the unit. We talked about scrub color and what can be worn. We talked about shifts and the interviewer seemed to like my answers as she was always smiling. The interview lasted an hour. She said I should know something by the end of the week. However she also said she likes to keep applications on file for those who don't get the job. So was this a hint or am I overthinking it. I also sent a follow up email just thanking her for her time nothing long as I've already "sold myself." How long did it take for everyone else to get a call on whether they got the job or not?

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