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  1. michellenm

    Linfield ABSN 2020

    I was also confused on how to accept my position on the waitlist so I sent an email to admissions as well. I couldn’t see any other way to confirm the position. Unless I was missing something.
  2. michellenm

    Linfield ABSN 2020

    I also just was informed that I am on the waitlist as well. Does anyone know how big the wait list is? Or if they rank it?
  3. michellenm

    Linfield ABSN 2020

    I haven't seen a thread made yet so I thought I would make one! Has anyone else applied to Linfield's ABSN 2020 program?
  4. michellenm

    PLU ELMSN 2020-2021 COHORT

    Hi guys! Congrats to all who have already received admissions to the program! I am new to this forum and I am currently on the wait list. Is anyone else waitlisted or does anyone have information about how the wait list works and how admissions makes decisions to pull people from the wait list? I spoke with someone from admissions and they said it wasn't ranked.

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