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  1. Las Vegas College

    I started the process, but the person I was working with left and they lost my paperwork 3 times after I paid for the beach ground check and drug screenings. I was pretty annoyed and I got accepted at a different school
  2. Las Vegas College

    I got in at Roseman. As far as NCLEX pass rate that was one of my primary drivers for continuing with the process. I have all my prereq’s, so I didn’t need to complete the whole program as they have it laid out. Their pass rate could be high if they ...
  3. Las Vegas College

    Thanks for the information. I was in that same position. I filled all the paperwork out and I even paid the $200 for the background and drug testing. All of a sudden one day I got a call from one of the academic advisors asking if I was still interes...
  4. Yes I was required to take the TEAS before applying.
  5. So it has been quite a few years since I took my A&P classes and I start my program in August. What do I need to know going into the program?
  6. Roseman University BSN (Fall 2019 Cohort)

    Hi everyone! I interviewed in April and received my acceptance for the fall session at the Henderson campus. I am so excited and nervous. I know they said a list of supplies would be going out 30 days from orientation, but does anyone know what we mi...
  7. Las Vegas College

    Pass rate is something 92.98% and it’s listed as an approved school by the Nevada nursing board.
  8. Las Vegas College

    It’s on the nursing boards approved schools https://nevadanursingboard.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/updated-Nursing-program-list.pdf
  9. Las Vegas College

    I saw your post and I wanted to find out if you decided to go through with Las Vegas a College, and if so what your experience has been like?