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C25D specializes in Hematology Oncology.

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  1. I was bedside doing chemo in a major teaching and now I’m bedside again in medicine at a community hospital, the staffing and practices are horrible. The goal was to establish myself and get a glowing 6 month or annual review but I don’t think I can make it 6 months. It’s so bad I’m thinking of quitting the bedside all together.
  2. Thank you, I have been considering a second opinion. Although negative test or not meds were unaccounted for. It just proves I wasn’t taking them myself. I did fail to waste. I think the worst of it all is that I took a job at a less than reputable hospital, hoping they would keep me when I had to tell them I’m on probation. But now it’s a horrible place and my license is in more jeopardy now I’m afraid to quit and start over at another hospital if the board makes their decision soon.
  3. Thanks that’s Very reassuring.
  4. I agreed to resign after an investigation into my charting showed a number of narcotic related concerns. I would pull early to save time and sometimes admin without scanning, then back time. A couple times I gave without scanning with the intent to go back and I forgot. It looks like I just pulled from the Omni and never did anything with the meds. Fast forward to today I had gotten an attorney and secured another bedside position. Currently the BON is “investigating”. My lawyer says can take 6 months or more. When the decision is made she believes the best I can hope for is probation. In Massachusetts it’s 1 year. She hopes I will have proven myself a valuable and safe employee by then and my current employer will keep me. Has anyone had to go to their nurse manager and tell them your license in on probation? And been able to keep their job? I believe in second chances but I can’t think of any reason a nurse manager would be willing or able, by her bosses anyhow to keep a nurse with probation.

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