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  1. futurernmd

    Providence TIP Program September 2020

    I don't think that the recruiter is reaching out to people yet, and if they are I haven't heard anything after doing the on-demand interview... After I had submitted my application I edited it but didn't see a status update so I reached out to the candidate care email. A recruiter responded and at the end of their email I was asked "Are you relocating to Southern California anytime soon or is it contingent upon you getting a job here?" That being said I may just be reading into it! I thought it was strange that I was asked that question - if I am applying to a job in So-Cal then that means that I am willing to relocate. I feel like my current location shouldn't exactly play a role - being a new grad is rough in Nor-Cal and I want to move to So-Cal anyways.
  2. futurernmd

    Providence TIP Program September 2020

    I think they definitely prefer those who are living in SoCal - I am from norcal and the recruiter asked me when I was moving and if it was contingent on getting a job.
  3. futurernmd

    Providence TIP Program September 2020

    For those of you who know who your recruiter is - are you referring to los Angeles area or orange county?
  4. futurernmd

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2020

    After posting this I found the marina del rey application and applied to that today too. Yeah I just got my license less than a month ago!
  5. futurernmd

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2020

    Hey everyone! This is a thread for those who got an application in for the Summer 2020 Cohort (Apply in early June, Interview event in July, License needed before July 8, 2020). It looks like the application is already closed. Does anybody have an idea of when it opened? I just so happened to find it and applied on June 2. My status is "application under consideration" - June 2. Good luck!
  6. futurernmd

    Temecula Valley New Grad Program 2020

    Following - I applied as well! I got the personality assessment and tests May 13 and haven't heard anything back since.
  7. futurernmd

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    Anyone else apply to CVICU? I feel pretty hopeless as far as pediatrics applications go - my school only offered us a pediatric daycare (1 RN on staff/day) for our peds rotation and only 2 days in NICU. Only a couple students got L&D/NICU for preceptorship and got cut off after 2 days, everyone else got adult rotations. PEDs is what I want to do but I feel like I am at such a disadvantage.
  8. I applied to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology ICU and today got the update that my application was sent to the hiring manager.

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