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FlyGirl4Eva has 25 years experience and specializes in Legal Nurse Consultant.

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  1. FlyGirl4Eva

    UTA Accelerated Online RN to BSN 2020

    Monday! CONGRATS for choosing the best, most economic and great university! Good Luck and keep pushing forward, NO MATTER WHAT!
  2. FlyGirl4Eva

    What is an indefinite license suspension?

    The expert witness told me later after the case was closed no one sent her the records to review. In other words the BON had no interest in providing a fair process to my RN client. Sanctions were filed against the RN by a DON of a CA State prison without adequate investigation.
  3. FlyGirl4Eva

    What is an indefinite license suspension?

    GET a an attorney NOW! Specifically one who has dealt with state boards. I had a case that was dropped, later I spoke with the expert witness for the board, she was a colleague I knew and she reported the board/DA never sent her the files to review.....crazy. You deal with boards get an attorney pronto is my advice.
  4. FlyGirl4Eva

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    Oh hale NO! I plastics, one of my fav OR service lines but would never subject my license to ANYTHING that would jeopardize that PERIOD! Years ago Ioriented for a few days with a pediatric dentist who was double licensed in anesthesiology as well.....his RN was dosing the Propofol....I RAN. Signed a Legal Nurse Consultant.

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