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  1. Hayleyjc26

    Low Stress Specialties

    Hello, so I’m wondering what are some good low stress units within the hospital. I am starting school in the fall (getting into public health non-nursing related) so I would like something that would not make me feel emotionally and physically drained 24/7 (if that’s a thing in nursing LOL). Currently work on a medsurg/tele unit that is often used as a step down from ICU. Very busy and 6 patient to 1 nurse ratio.
  2. Hayleyjc26

    PMHNP schools

  3. Just curious what specialty some of you work as nurses and why you would recommend or not recommend working with that population. Thanks!
  4. Hayleyjc26

    St. David's RN Residency Summer Cohort 2020

    $27/hr base pay after 6 months. After orientation is $25/hr base pay.
  5. Hi, I am considering going back to school for NP. I have only been an RN for a year on a medsurg unit. Interested in PMHNP. My question is, do y’all think it is a bad idea to go back to school too soon? What are my chances of even getting accepted? Thanks.

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