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  1. Kaweah Delta

    Hi friends! I recently started at Kaweah and if anyone has any questions feel free to message me and ask ?
  2. Kaweah Delta

    I interviewed in late March/early April and was offered a position the next week or so!
  3. Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    Not for ED, but the same has happened with me for memorial acute care. Who knows
  4. California Health Corps

    I’ve been emailed or called 4 or 5 times and each one has been for a SNF
  5. Rady Children's Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    are the interviews being conducted in person or virtual?
  6. Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    Hello! I did receive an email on Wednesday asking about more specific availability, location preferences, etc. I am a new grad licensed CA nurse. The position from what I’ve gathered is per diem, temporary, completely as needed/last minute type shift...
  7. Kaweah Delta

    Hello! Looking for anyone who might have applied to Kaweah delta new grad positions in Visalia, Ca (past and present) Thanks ?
  8. Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    yes I did! not really sure much about it but I started a thread called California Medical Assistance Team so check it out bc I would love input about it from other new grads If you don't mind I would love the application as well ? My email is amanda...
  9. California Medical Assistance Team

    Hello! Starting a thread for those interested in getting involved with the California Medical Assistance Team (Cal-MAT). I am a new graduate who is considering signing up to volunteer. If anyone has any further information or insights (even if someon...
  10. UCSF New Grad Nurse Residency Fall 2020

    I heard it is still on track for applications to come out in a few weeks (hopefully)!
  11. Zuckerberg SF General Emergency RN Training Program 2019

    Unfortunately they aren't hiring any sort of new grad unless someone knows something I don't ? I'm not sure if its a blessing or a curse that we're all looking for our first jobs during a pandemic
  12. Hello everyone! I was planning on applying to this next round of the residency program and was wondering if there is a delay in start date due to covid-19. Also open to any tips or advice for this application process! Thank you in advance ?
  13. CA Nurse moving to MN

    Hello, I was wondering how long it took for you to transfer your license out of CA. Thanks ?
  14. Transferring CA license to WA license..Help!

    Hi, I was wondering how long it took for you to transfer your license from CA to WA? Thanks!
  15. Childrens Hospital of Colorado - Summer 2020 New Grad Residency

    I was thinking of doing the same! This CA job market is just nottttt working for me