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  1. Conan

    Art Therapy

    There is a national organization that uses therapeutic arts. It is formal educational degree and there is membership organization called American Art Therapy Association. The formal education programs have the same kinds of accreditation that any other formal education program has--master's required. You may also want to look an NOAH National Organization of Arts in Health. It depends what you wish to do. In either case there is a large focused amount of information on line. Good luck with your pursuit.
  2. Conan

    Integrity - Should I say something

    Nursing ethics requires one to report unethical behavior if witnessed. You may also reads school policy you've in all likelihood signed a document to report. Ethics are really hard but the truth of the matter is you have a professional responsibility to the profession and if you do not report you are as guilt as the person cheating.
  3. Conan

    Disturbed Energy Field? Yes or No?

    The abject ignorance and bullying in this tread is a problem. Not every person used every Nursing dx but they are important to the nursing profession. If not used then nursing becomes invisible as a profession and easily replaceable by medical technicians that simply follow orders and do not have the education to use formal critical thinking. Nursing DX are tools that help a nurse document critical thinking. They are a pain, but they serve a valid purpose and justify the need for the profession. Remember too that medicine and nursing are two different but collaborative professions.

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