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  1. Hi I have heard of Benner’s theory but what I am realizing is they have expectations of me to be at the proficient level. I made sure to disclose my previous experience even before I was hired which is was no where near the skills needed here. It’s just kinda frustrating and some times I do feel like I’m being set up to fail. How do you combat those feelings that want to weigh you down?
  2. Hi thanks for your reply The thing I had a 5 different preceptors none of which where working with me during my 1 month orientation. The one I spent the most time working with only works weekends. I do ask for help often but I get overwhelming about situations that I have never encountered at all throughout my nursing career so far. I try to reach out but they make it seem because I am experienced I should just know things. For example I had recently a young patient who came in for endocarditis with a history of drug abuse. We suspected that this patient may have been using but no had no official grounds to do a search in the room. Again there was this level of expectation but again this is something I never encountered. So many more things to take into consideration. Let’s just say it wasn’t my brightest moment. How do you deal with such unexpected unexpected events?
  3. Hello I am new to this site and I can use some advice. I recently made the change to switch hospitals and floors, swapping out of orthopedics for cardiac. I have been a nurse now for almost 2 years and been in this job for almost 3 months. Everyday has been a struggle. I feel so brand new. These past couple of weeks I have been unsure of myself and I feel as though I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s a different pace and much different acuity. I haven’t exactly found people that I can really talk to at work as of yet and the fact there seem to be clicks doesn’t help either. Some people say it will be okay but I feel uneasy about the whole thing. I really like what I am learning but I am feel as though I am may not be learning it fast enough. I could use some advice and perspective on this. Has anyone else had ever felt this way? What have you done? Are there ways or things I can do on my own to be better? My dream is to move forward in my career and including going to critical care and advancing my degree. However these past few months I have been doubting myself. I just don’t know what to do

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