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    2017 BSN grad trying to pass NCLEX

    Hi, so I graduated with my BSN in 2017.. after graduation, I moved back home and took the NCLEX. I ailed after 275 questions and was close to passing every subject.. I know I didn’t study like I should have (especially after moving home where I have a lot of distractions) I was discouraged, but was pushed to take it again because I had a lot of family expecting me to pass the first time.. I failed again (after 275 questions, all near passing.. again) now it’s February of 2020 and I’m still passionate about nursing and want to pass the NCLEX.. I’ve registered with Uworld, but I’ve also had this nagging question about finding a job after failing twice and being out of school for so long. so I guess my question is, do employers look down on you for how long it takes to pass the NCLEX? I know nurses are needed everywhere and I feel like my passion for people and the medical field would make me a great nurse, but I’ve been getting into my head A LOT. I also encourage any advice anyone can give for passing the NCLEX in general. I’ve always been a great student, but having moved back home, without any guidance on how to organize my studying has left me a bit flustered... I love this page and I would love any guidance, or words of encouragement you all could give me

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