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why_allie has 7 years experience and specializes in RN-SICU/Hospice CM.

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  1. Hopkins CRNA 2022

    Hey guys, I heard last week I got off the wait list. Their deadline was March 15th to get back to them. I’m sorry for the disappointing news. Keep your head up everyone!
  2. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    Whelp, I officially got denied ? at least now we know. Hope some of you got news of being waitlisted
  3. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    Hey, I’m with you dude. Nothing back from ---------- and no emails. I’m not sure what’s going on with it.
  4. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    Thanks for emailing guys. Keep us updated
  5. Georgetown CRNA 2022

  6. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    Anyone else losing hope for good news?
  7. Hopkins CRNA 2022

    Same, with you dude ?
  8. Hopkins CRNA 2022

    Good luck to you too!
  9. Hopkins CRNA 2022

    Woof, I hope not. I didn't even think about that
  10. Hopkins CRNA 2022

    OMG congratulations you guys! Cue me feverishly refreshing my inbox
  11. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    OMG same! OK well know you’re not alone
  12. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    When was your interview?
  13. Georgetown CRNA 2022

    Anyone else still dying from the wait?
  14. Anyone HATE nursing school but LOVE being a Nurse?

    You got this, dude! It sounds like those professors are being completely unprofessional and rude. But do your best to hold your head high, push through and get to your first nursing job! Nursing school is so off point compared to bedside nursin...
  15. UNE Online Anatomy and Physiology?

    Not sure specifically about A&P, but I am taking UNE's o chem 1 (chem 1020) class right now and it is really bad! Would not recommend. Minimal lectures from actual UNE teachers; it's all just Khan academy links or other free resource links and th...